Five New Deacons Ordained at Trinity Cathedral

Ordination service recorded live at Trinity Cathedral on May 6, 2023

On May 6, Bishop Stokes ordained five new deacons to the Episcopal Church:

Matthew McDermott

Daphne Patricia Roberts

Rocco Michaelangelo Sherman

Kevin Joel Thompson

Jane Carol Mary Kordeck Fanelli Miller Wilson

Four of the ordinands were formed in the diocese’s own NJ School for Ministry. Three of the ordinands—Roberts, Sherman, and Wilson—intend to be “vocational deacons,” serving in their churches and communities long term as deacons. McDermott and Thompson, on the other hand, are “transitional deacons,” intending to eventually be ordained to the priesthood.

The ministry of a deacon is at the junction of the church and the world, interpreting the world’s needs to the church. Though they typically serve in parishes and congregations, they are under the direct authority of the bishop of their diocese.