Creation Care Committee Invites You to Take Action

Contributed by: Canon Barbie Bach

Did you know that caring for creation was the first job that God gave humans?

The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to till it and keep it. (Genesis 2:15)

We’re calling all persons who are motivated to do something about climate change! Disinterest and apathy are not the right choices as our planet requires special attention now. Care for God’s creation is a moral imperative. The newly reorganized diocesan Environmental Commission can provide resources for worship, educational programs, suggested actions, group activities, and grant opportunities for climate change warriors to make a difference toward restoring environmental balance.

Clearly the man-made effects of unrestricted consumption of coal, oil, and gas and the release of greenhouse gases have caused the planet to overheat on a trajectory to wipe out plant and animal species, flood ocean shorelines, unleash extreme weather events, impact food crops, change ocean chemistry, and render terrestrial areas uninhabitable. There are actions each one of us can and must take to halt climate change.

The Creation Care Committee seeks interested persons of all ages to help organize efforts in the diocese. Clergy and lay persons, young people and their grandparents, youth groups and their leaders, kindergartners who like to plant gardens—everyone is invited! Please let us know if you have an environmental committee in your congregation or if you wish to start one. Please let us know if you or persons you know want to be involved, and provide your email address to receive the committee’s newsletter.

Creation care and climate action are our high-priority Christian duty. It is time to get busy.