Coming Jan. 6—Transform Your Life

The Rev. Canon Dr. Rob Droste discusses the upcoming launch of the new Way of St. Paul

The Way of St. Paul transforms individual lives by giving people the tools to develop a deeper, richer faith life, the ability to see Christ working in the lives of people around them, and the words to show others that Christ is working in their lives too.

That’s also how the Way of St. Paul transforms the lives of congregations: by helping individuals grow spiritually, creating more vibrant, loving, Christ-centered communities that fill the hunger for connection and for God that our world feels.

“What we want is for people to learn to see God work in the lives of people around them,” said the Rev. Canon Dr. Rob Droste, Canon for Congregational Development and Mission. “God calls us to help one another in community. These are our brothers and sisters. These are fellow disciples, and they need help. We all need help.”

Take your first steps on The Way of St. Paul, with our signature worship service—”The Forge”—on Jan. 6 online, with a face-to-face “Come and See” event Jan. 7 where you can spend the day growing in the Spirit and learn more about how you can transform your life and the life of your congregation.

The Forge is a new kind of worship service, grounded in Anglican traditions and theology, but providing a more vibrant, energetic worship experience that includes moments of individual witness. For the first Forge, most will worship online. Services will generally be held the first Saturday of the month, and future services will be more of a combination of in-person and online.

The following day—Jan. 7—we’ll gather in person at Trinity Princeton to see what The Way of St. Paul is all about, and how it can start working in your life right away. You’ll be part of all the elements of the Way of St. Paul—small group coaching and conversation; exploring spiritual discipline and a new “Rule of Life;” and other aspects of supporting one another in growing as disciples of jesus Christ. Participants will actually practice each aspect of The Way of St. Paul—just a taste—to get a better sense of how it will work for them.

Registration to attend The Forge is open now.

Watch Good News in the Garden State and the diocesan website for information on registering for the Come and See event. In the meantime, please sign up to keep informed using this link or the form shown below.