Action Needed from Churches Involved in Boy Scouts

Contributed by: Paul Ambos, Esq., Chancellor

Boy Scouts of America Bankruptcy Update

For those congregations with current or former scout troops that have filed contingent claims with the Bankruptcy Court, the deadline for voting on the proposed Plan of Reorganization has been amended from December 14 to December 28.  I have a list from COO Canon Phyllis Jones of the congregations that have filed such claims and will be emailing them directly with an explanation of the ballots within the next week.

I also have a list of individuals who have filed sexual-abuse claims with the Bankruptcy Court who had been members of troops sponsored by congregations in the Diocese.  Some of these congregations have filed contingent claims with the Bankruptcy Court and some have not.  I have sent emails to these congregations’ Identified Representatives (as advised to Canon Jones pursuant to Diocesan Canon 15, Section 3) advising them of potential claims against their congregations; those who have not yet emailed me should do so to obtain further information about such possible claims.