Everything You Wanted to Know About Stewardship

Contributed by: Project Resource

Everything You Wanted to Know About Stewardship“Everything You Wanted to Know About Stewardship,” the Summer stewardship step-by-step guided course from Diocese of New Jersey’s Project Resource and our partners at CCS Fundraising, continues Tuesdays in August

Summer Stewardship Step-by-Step Guided Course

Tuesdays in August
7:00 p.m.

Playlist of all Recordings

Session 1: Defining the Goals: Slides   |  Video

Session 2: Planning: Slides   |  Video

Session 3: Implementation: Slides   |  Video

Session 4: Follow-Up & Reporting: Slides   |  Video

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Close to 100 people participated in our first week of Everything You Wanted to Know About Stewardship this past Tuesday, to learn about “Defining the Goals.” The session was recorded and is available on our YouTube channel. As new sessions are released, they will be posted to a playlist on YouTube.

A successful stewardship campaign happens when your fellow parishioners are active and engaged. Learn how to activate their passion and commitment to being disciples. Together, we will care for God’s creation.

Members of the Diocese’s Project Resource and professionals from CCS Fundraising will guide you in planning for a faith-based and rewarding stewardship campaign. Each session will focus on a separate topic. We encourage you to join them all.