Share Your Story in our New Web Magazine

Contributed by: Steve Welch, Canon for Communications

Share Your Story

The new diocese Web site is intended to be a sort of town square for our congregations, a place for all ministries, ministers, and congregants in the diocese to tell their stories.

Telling our stories is the purest form of spreading God’s word. Whether it’s a tale of a life changed, a feeding ministry, a special worship service, or simple human community, your story can help inspire and bring others closer to Christ.

The new web experience from the diocese puts those stories front and center. Our new web site—featuring a new, intuitive design, fast, reliable search functionality, a streamlined organization, and an events space where you can easily find everything happening in the diocese—has a Know Your Story magazine section. There, you’ll find the stories that show forth the people of God in the Diocese of New Jersey. Whether it’s video, audio, or text, you’ll find those stories on our Web site, in an engaging format that’s easy to share to the social media platform of your choice.

Many of those stories will come from you, the people of the diocese. Your food pantry just partnered with a local food bank to help the hungry in your community? Tell us! You just preached a sermon that made everyone cry? Share it! Your new discipleship program led to a dozen new baptisms? Tell that story! Not a good writer? Not a problem! Our editors can help you shape your story to make it clear and engaging.

Our stories shape us. Your stories can touch others, inspire them, bring them closer to God. We need them. Tell them here.

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