Way of St. Paul

Developed in the Diocese of New Jersey, The Way of St. Paul grows healthy congregations through learning, experimenting, and collaboration. In the spirit of St. Paul, The Way of St. Paul builds the skills to live and love like Jesus – and help others do the same.

The approach is simple and powerful: form a team, learn can’t-fail techniques for growing in faith, learn creative approaches to building a growth culture in your congregation – what we’ve come to call “the growth zone.”
Then you come together with other congregations doing the same thing, support and learn together, and keep being creative as the church becomes a place where growth can happen – and does


In The Way of St. Paul, congregational teams are called WayTeams. At the beginning of Season Three (2018 – 2019), we created a manual for all members of WayTeams that clearly set out the guiding principles of The Way of St. Paul. It combines scripture, the work of Henry Cloud and Brene Brown, Corinne Ware, and how to move into action as “champions of change.” Resources like these, plus coaching and regular plenary gatherings, support the ongoing work of individual teams.

The Way of St. Paul has been a game changer for Holy Trinity South River! It helped to create a new culture in the parish by inviting us to embrace a process of learning and exploration. It placed us in a cohort of congregations, and broke down barriers between us, enlarging our sense of belonging to a missional movement. We are now more clearly focused on discipleship: living and loving like Jesus, and helping others to do the same. Best of all: there is more joy! Joining the Way of St. Paul is the best decision I ever made as a Rector!

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