Coaching Network – Learn to Lead

Changes Coming Soon

The diocese’s coaching, formation, and congregational development programs are changing. Watch this space for the latest, as soon as it’s available.

Coaching is a working relationship in which a trained and experienced person helps you achieve your goals in discovering God’s will for you and your community.
Coaches are available for Way of St. Paul teams, vestries, clergy triads, clergy/warden leadership, and many more (contact us to learn more, or check out this FAQ).
Provided by the Diocese (at no cost to you), our coaches can help you and your congregation walk the path to which God is calling you.

General Coaching Assistance

Using proven approaches and techniques, particularly around effective listening, redirecting and reflection, coaches help teams in churches to do the following:

1. Establish compelling goals – what does God want you to achieve?
2. Determine simple and achievable next steps – what does God want you to do now?
3. Offer useful resources from a variety of places – what is God providing for your work?
4. Recognize and celebrate progress – what has God been doing in your work together?
5. Grow spiritually, individually and as a team – how is God moving in your lives?

Growth Coaching Specialization

In addition to effective coaching skills, diocesan growth coaches engage a continuous learning process in the specialized areas of church growth. These include:

1. Christian disciple-making
2. Adaptive leadership
3. The Missional Church
4. Evangelism authentic to the Episcopal Church


– Personal commitment to being a disciple of Jesus Christ in the Episcopal Church tradition,     especially the key spiritual practices that support that work

– Passion for bringing “those who do not know Jesus to the knowledge and love of him.”BCP 101

– Enthusiasm for face-to-face work with congregations – the fun of “coming alongside”

Duties and Responsibilities

– Attendance at annual weekend training retreats, monthly coaching network gatherings

– Monthly coaching “triads,” where coaches receive coaching from

– Assigned reading

– Attendance at three to four program plenary sessions (Fall, Winter, Spring) (Way of St.

– Paul team coaches only)

– Monthly 90-min coaching sessions with teams

For More Information, Contact
The Rev. Cn. Dr. Rob Droste
Canon for Congregational Development and Mission
Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey
Mobile: 510-590-2964