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Images in Media Library

This guide describes the image editing tools available in the Media library.

While these image editing tools are free, the site must be set to public for the tools to work. These image editing tools are not available with a site set to private.

Choose an Image to Edit

  1. Go to My Sites → Media
  2. Select the image, then click Edit.
An image in Media is selected, and the Edit button is highlighted
  1. On the window that opens up, select Edit Image:
An image in the Media library, with the Edit Image button highlighted

Crop an Image

You can remove an unwanted portion of an image you have uploaded to your Media Library by using the cropping feature.

First, click and drag the cropping overlay to select the area you want. You can also select Crop and then choose a specific aspect ratio to crop automatically.

An image with the cropping tools highlighted

Rotate an Image

You can rotate images counter-clockwise by clicking on the rotate icon:

An image rotated using the rotate option

Flip an Image

You can flip images horizontally by clicking on the flip icon:

An image flipped using the Flip option

Save an Edited Image

When you’re happy with your edits to the image, click Done. If you wish to start from scratch with that image, click Reset. You may also close the image editor without saving by clicking on Cancel.

Edting an image, showing the Cancel, Reset, and Done options in the lower right corner.

Revert an Image

If you want to revert the changes you’ve made, you have the ability to cancel your edits on an image and revert to the original version that you first uploaded to your Media Library.

If you’re sure you would like to restore an image, click on the image in the media library, select Edit, then choose the Restore Original button. The image will then revert back to its original form.

An image in Media, with an arrow pointing to the Restore Original button.


Please note that if you’ve inserted an edited image into other published posts, reverting an image may break this image on those posts.

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