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Adding a New Commission

  1. Navigate to Dashboard
  2. Hover Commissions category (right column)
  3. Select “Add New”
  4. Type in the Title of the new ministry page where it says “Add Title” 
    1. Please Note: The Title of the Commission will also be the URL of the page. For instance: LGBTQ Commission . The URL will be: general commission page
  5. Copy and Paste or input content in Copy Box. Please note: Visual Tab should be selected when inputting content (Text tab is for HTML coding). Images can be added in the body of the copy by selecting the “Add Media” icon.
  6. To add a featured image to display for the Commission on the general commission page: select “Set Featured Image” and select or upload the image.
    1. While in edit mode, scroll down to Page Widgets section
    2. ‘Select’ and ‘drag’ Text Widget into Ministry Sidebar. This will create the ability to create a widget to insert resource documents and links.
    3. Type in the Title of this section. Example: Title: Resources
    4. In the copy box below, Type the resource names and document names and then select the “paperclick” icon to insert the links associated with the resource names and documents.
      1. For best practices, we recommend uploading your images and documents first to generate links. To learn how to upload media files, click here.
    5. Click SAVE once your content box is complete and then “done”.’
    6. Scroll to the top right and select “Save Draft”
    7. Once saved, select “Preview” to review your page prior to publishing
    8. Ministry page will open in new tab for viewing
    9. Once you are ready to publish, navigate to the Ministry page you are editing and select “Publish”


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