The Diaconate in the Diocese of New Jersey: Discernment Kit

Originally prepared for the Diocese of California, this kit has been expanded and adapted for use in the Diocese of New Jersey by the Committee on the Diaconate. It is designed for Parish Committees on Ministry for the Diaconate and Commissions on Ministry. Individuals may also find this a helpful guide for personal reflection regarding their own sense of calling.

The Diocese of New Jersey is actively seeking those individuals who feel called to the diaconate whose first language is Spanish. For that reason, reflection questions have been included here in Spanish.

Foundational Concepts

Key Descriptions of Deacons Based on the Ordination Service

Reflection Questions for Inquirers in English

Preguntas de reflexión para las/os interesadas/os en espanol

The Foundational Concepts and Key Descriptions of Deacons were written by Roderick Dugliss, Ph.D., Dean of The School for Deacons, Diocese of California. They have been adapted by the Diocese of New Jersey Committee on the Diaconate for inclusion here. The material is used with permission.