The 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church will meet meet in Austin, Texas, in 2018.

General Convention is made of two houses: The House of Bishops, and the House of Deputies. Four clerical deputies, and four lay deputies, along with four alternates of each order are elected at the Diocesan Conventions to represent each diocese for one General Convention. Conventions are held every three years. Below are the deputies for the 2018 Diocesan Convention from New Jersey:

Clergy Deputies:
The Rev. Joanna P. Hollis (
The Rev. Jack Zamboni (
The Rev. Gail Bennett, Dcn (
The Rev. Paul Jeanes III (

Lay Deputies:
Canon Paul Ambos, Esq (
Canon Noreen Duncan (
Mr. Louis A. Cavaliere (
Ms. Wendy V. Blackman

Clergy Alternates:
The Rev Valerie L. Balling
The Rev Daniel Scott Russell
The Rev W. Keith McCoy, Dcn.
The Rev Justin A. Falciani

Lay Alternates
Mr. Thomas Szczerba
Mr. Marcus A. Gales
Ms. Barbara Okamoto Bach
Dr. Karen G. Bemis