Audit Committee

Our Diocesan Audit Committee consists of six members elected by Convention to serve three-year terms and two members appointed annually by the Diocesan Council, at least one of whom is appointed from among its members. Our Chairperson is appointed by our Bishop from among the elected members, and our Chief Operating Officer has been designated by our Bishop to assist us as our staff liaison. The current members of the Audit Committee are:

– Mr. Paul Wolfgang – Chair – Holy Trinity, Collingswood; class of 2023 elected by Convention

– Mr. Eric Sanders – Christ Church, New Brunswick; class of 2024 elected by Convention

– Dr. Karen Bemis – Christ Church, New Brunswick; class of 2022 elected by Convention

– Mr. Brian Bussey – St. Andrew’s, New Providence; class of 2022 Diocesan Council appointment

– Rev. Daniel Somers – St. Andrew’s, Lambertville; class of 2022 Diocesan Council appointment

– Canon Phyllis B. Jones, Diocesan Chief Operating Officer

Click here for our Congregational Audits Resource Page: including updated forms and guidelines for use in performing annual audits

Click here for the Anatomy of an Audita step-by-step guide to the process and sections of an audit and audit report.

Under Diocesan Canon 18, we are entrusted with the responsibility to ensure that the financial management of all diocesan functions is performed in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices in the following ways:

– To prescribe the methods of accounting and record keeping of all such Boards, Trusts, Committees, Treasurers and Financial Officers of the Diocese, with power to summon them or any of them, or

– As required under the canon on Accounts, for the audit of all diocesan accounts, funds and trusts and to gather and review the audit reports of all such accounts of the Diocese annually

– To designate areas of financial management for internal audit as deemed necessary, and to prescribe the methods for the conduct of such internal audits;

– To advise the Bishop and other officers of the Diocese in financial and business matters when requested;

– To ensure that all funds and accounts of any diocesan or congregational entities, including discretionary accounts and funds, are audited annually;

– To report to the Convention annually the results of any internal and external audits conducted.