Early Journals of the Annual Conventions of the Diocese of New Jersey Online

The Journals of the Annual Conventions of the Diocese of New Jersey Online

A vast number of Diocese of New Jersey convention journals are now available online (1785 through 1920, with two exceptions) and are fully searchable. Here’s how that works.

When you click a link below to a journal, once the journal is opened in a new browser window, you can type in any term you might care to in the search box — for example, “Perth Amboy” — and all the instances of the term in that journal will be found and highlighted in the text for you.

Journals of course contain the proceedings of convention but then, as now, they also contain the bishop’s address, notices of the deaths of clergy and prominent laypeople, and a wealth of statistics and data about parishes. The journals are fascinating sources for exploring the life of this great diocese all down the years.

Below you’ll find a link to all the journals available at this time (March 2011). As more recent journals are digitized, we’ll add the links on this page.

Diocese of New Jersey Convention Journals digitized and online: 1785-1919

1785 –
Varies(1st–33rd Conventions)
1815: John Croes elected as I Bishop
1817St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 20-21 August34th Convention
1818Christ Church, New Brunswick, 19–20 August35th Convention
1819Trinity Church, Swedesborough, 18–19 August36th Convention
1820Trinity Church, Newark, 23–24 August37th Convention
1821St Andrew’s Church, Mt Holly, 22–23 August38th Convention
1822Christ Church, Shrewsbury, 21–22 August39th Convention
1823St John’s Church, Elizabeth, 20–21 August40th Convention
1824St Michael’s Church, Trenton, 18–19 August41st Convention
1825St Peter’s Church, Perth Amboy, 25–26 August42nd Convention
1826St John’s Church, Salem, 31 May–1 June43rd Convention
1827St Paul’s Church, Paterson, 30–31 May44th Convention 
1828St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 28–29 May45th Convention
1829Christ Church, New Brunswick, 27–28 May46th Convention
1830Trinity Church, Swedesborough, 26 May47th Convention
1831St Peter’s Church, Spotswood, 25–26 May48th Convention
1832St Peter’s Church, Morristown, 30–31 May49th Convention: Death of Bishop Croes; election of George Washington Doane as II Bishop.
1833City Hall, Camden, 29–30 May50th Convention
1834Trinity Church, Newark, 28–29 May51st Convention
1835St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 27–28 May52nd Convention
1836Trinity Church, Newark, 25–26 May53rd Convention
1837St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 31 May–2 June54th Convention
1838Trinity Church, Newark, 30-31 May55th Convention
1839St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 29-30 May56th Convention
1840Grace Church, Newark and Trinity Church, Newark, 27–28 May57th Convention
1841St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 26–27 May58th Convention
1842Trinity Church, Newark, 25–26 May59th Convention
1843St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 31 May–1 June60th Convention
1844[Not yet digitized]61st Convention
1845St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 28–29 May62nd Convention
1846Trinity Church, Newark, 27–28 May63rd Convention
1847St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 26–27 May64th Convention
1848Grace Church, Newark, 31 May–1 June65th Convention (defective copy)
1849St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 30–31 May66th Convention
1850Trinity Church, Newark, 29–30 May67th Convention
1851St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 28 May68th Convention
1852Trinity Church, Newark, 26–27 May 69th Convention
1853St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 25 May70th Convention
1854Grace Church, Newark, 31 May71st Convention
1855[Not yet digitized]72nd Convention
1856Grace Church, Newark and Trinity Church, Newark, 31 May73rd Convention
1857St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 27 May74th Convention
1858Trinity Church, Newark, 26 May 75th Convention
1859St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 25 May76th Convention: Death of Bishop Doane; election of William Henry Odenheimer as III Bishop
1860Trinity Church, Newark, 30–31 May 77th Convention
1861St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 29-30 May78th Convention
1862Grace Church, Newark, 28–29 May78th Convention
1863St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 27–28 May80th Convention
1864Grace Church, Newark, 25–26 May81st Convention
1865St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 31 May82nd Convention
1866Grace Church, Newark, 30 May83rd Convention
1867St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 29-30 May84th Convention
1868Grace Church, Newark, 27–28 May85th Convention
1869St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 25–26 May86th Convention
1870Grace Church, Newark, 31 May–1 June87th Convention
1871St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 30–31 May88th Convention
1872Grace Church, Newark, 28–29 May89th Convention
1873St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 27–28 May90th Convention
1874Grace Church, Newark, 26–28 May91st Convention: Separation of the State of New Jersey into two dioceses; election of John Scarborough as IV Bishop
1875St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 25-26 May92nd Convention
1876St Michael’s Church, Trenton, 30-31 May93rd Convention
1877St John’s Church, Elizabeth, 29-30 May94th Convention
1878St Paul’s Church, Camden, 28-29 May95th Convention
1879Christ Church, New Brunswick, 27-28 May96th Convention
1880St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 25-26 May97th Convention
1881St Michael’s Church, Trenton, 31 May-1 June98th Convention
1882Christ Church, Elizabeth, 30-31 May110th Convention (changed numbering; report in the Journal gives the reasons.)
1883St Paul’s Church, Camden, 8-9 May111th Convention
1884Christ Church, New Brunswick, 6-7 May112th Convention
1885Christ Church, New Brunswick, 5-6 May113th Convention; 100th anniversary of the formation of the diocese
1886St John’s, Camden, 4-5 May114th Convention
1887Grace Church, Plainfield, 3-4 May115th Convention
1888Trinity Church, Trenton, 8-9 May116th Convention
1889St John’s Church, Elizabeth, 7-8 May117th Convention
1890St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 6-7 May118th Convention
1891Grace Church, Plainfield, 5-6 May119th Convention
1892St Paul’s Church, Camden, 3-4 May120th Convention
1893Christ Church, New Brunswick, 9-10 May121st Convention
1894St Andrew’s Church, Mt Holly, 3-4 May122nd Convention
1895Trinity Church, Trenton, 7-8 May123rd Convention
1896St John’s Church, Elizabeth, 5-6 May124th Convention
1897Grace Church, Plainfield, 4-5 May125th Convention
1898St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 3-4 May126th Convention
1899Trinity Church, Princeton, 9-10 May127th Convention
1900St James’ Church, Atlantic City, 8-9 May128th Convention
1901St John’s Church, Elizabeth, 7-8 May129th Convention
1902St Michael’s Church, Trenton, 13-14 May130th Convention
1903St Paul’s Church, Camden, 5-6 May131st Convention
1904Christ Church, Elizabeth, 3-4 May132nd Convention
1905Grace Church, Plainfield, 9-10 May133rd Convention
1906St James’ Church, Atlantic City, 8-9 May134th Convention
1907St Michael’s Church, Trenton, 14-15 May135th Convention
1908Christ Church, New Brunswick, 5-6 May136th Convention
1909St Mary’s Church, Burlington, 4-5 May137th Convention
1910Trinity Church, Trenton, 10-11 May138th Convention
1911St James’ Church, Atlantic City, 9-10 May139th Convention
1912St Andrew’s Church, Mt Holly, 7-8 May140th Convention
1913Church of the Ascension, Atlantic City, 6-7 May141st Convention
1914St Michael’s Church, Trenton, 5-6 May142nd Convention: Death of Bishop Scarborough; election of Paul Clement Matthews as V Bishop.
1915Trinity Church, Elizabeth, 4-5 May144th Convention. (Numbering changed again)
1916Christ Church, Trenton, 9-10 May145th Convention. Christ Church is referred to as the Pro-Cathedral.
1917Christ Church, Trenton, 8-9 May146th Convention
1918Trinity Church, Asbury Park, 14-15 May147th Convention
1919St James’ Church, Atlantic City, 7-8 May148th Convention
1920St John’s Church, Elizabeth, 5-6 May149th Convention