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Bishop Curry’s Statement on Supreme Court Dobbs Decision

Today’s decision institutionalizes inequality because women with access to resources will be able to exercise their moral judgment in ways that women without the same resources will not.

This is a pivotal day for our nation, and I acknowledge the pain, fear, and hurt that so many feel right now. As a church, we stand with those who will feel the effects of this decision—and in the weeks, months, and years to come.  

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June 17—The Legacy of Juneteenth

Juneteenth invites us to recognize and acknowledge that though the institution of slavery was formally ended with the Emancipation Proclamation in January of 1863, the effects of slavery continue in the legacy of racial injustice and inequity that continue to mar our common life as a nation.

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June 10—Trinity Sunday

In the end, the doctrine of the Trinity is all about relationships—how God relates to God’s self, to the world God has made. How God relates to us and we to God.

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June 3—Pride and Prejudice

In many ways and places, The Episcopal Church has made huge strides in breaking through the discriminatory barriers that inhibited LGBTQIA+ persons from realizing the fullness of their personhood and ministries as children of God. Nonetheless, there remains work to do. Our church, nation, and world still require much education, awareness, and sensitivity about the LGBTQIA+ community and its people.

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May 20—Remembering the Victims in Buffalo

This shooting was the product of active forces at work in this nation right now who are fueling racist-driven hatred and violence. These forces are actively recruiting and indoctrinating persons, especially young white men into their nefarious purposes.

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Mental Health Awareness Month

Sadly, in our society, despite all we have learned, mental illness is still too often not treated with the same sensitivity and regard as physical illness. It is also often stigmatized. The solution to this is education, awareness and honesty—honesty with one another and honesty with ourselves.

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May 6 – Abounding in Thanksgiving

We have received the gift of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord. By the grace of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are to continue to live our lives in him, rooted and built up in Christ, strengthened in the faith as we were taught it. As faithful people, our lives are also to overflow with thankfulness. This Eastertide, we all have much for which our thankfulness should be overflowing.

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An Announcement from the Bishop: The Rev. Joanne Izzo Begins Her Ministry as Interim Canon to the Ordinary and Transition’s Officer

Canon Izzo comes to the Diocese of New Jersey with a desire to support the formation and growth of disciples, and a commitment to be an active and supportive presence for clergy and congregations in transitions. A native Brooklynite, she values relationships, is a champion of the mercy of God revealed in reconciliation and healing, and delights in how the Holy Spirit makes matches between clergy and congregations in transition. As she states herself, she is “in awe of how the Spirit grows the faith community through the mutual ministry of clergy and congregation.”  Her approach to ministry is informed by a contemplative stance of listening, observing, being curious and asking questions.

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Apr. 29—A New Easter

We have been living in fear these past years, many behind locked doors. We have been halted, hindered, even paralyzed, unable to carry out the “normal” aspects of daily living. We have buried loves ones, missed important milestones—births, baptisms, birthdays, weddings, funerals, graduations, and on and on. But now, even though we are not free of COVID19, something has changed. Light, resurrection light, has burst upon us and we see with new and deeper appreciation the things that give us life and above all, the Christ who gives us life.

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Apr. 22—Safeguard the Integrity of Creation

To celebrate Earth Day 2022, I urge us all to pray and become actively involved in addressing climate change in our world, in our churches and in our lives. I invite you to visit or revisit our own Episcopal Covenant for Care of Creation which can be found here.

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Apr. 8—The Heart of the Matter

Our observance of Lent is drawing to a close. It is time to enter into the passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Passion is the very heart of our liturgical year. In truth, it is the very heart of our Christian faith. The word “passion” is derived from the Greek word for “suffering,” “enduring.” During these days, we relive, reexperience the suffering of Christ.

Why do we do this? Why is it necessary for us to draw near to these particular events in the life of Christ? Wouldn’t we do just as well to focus on the life of Jesus; on his teachings, healings and miracles and to model our lives on these? To see Jesus as an exemplar of the moral life and to follow suit?

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March 25—The Annunciation

Lent is a time for us to consider the degree to which we have wandered far from God and God’s ways. As we consider the brutality and evil caused by the war in Ukraine; as we consider the ugliness of our politics domestically illustrated in the appalling behavior and questions of some during the Senate confirmation hearings of Judge Kentaji Brown Jackson; as we consider the hatred and enmity that characterize so much in our world today, including too many of our everyday interactions, it is clear we have wandered far from God. It is a time to hear God’s words of invitation to return to the arms of God’s love and mercy, like the prodigal children we all are.

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Get Everything Going In One Direction

Holding the purpose of “people development” as primary is not only a way to clarify what we’re doing and get them moving in the same direction. It’s a way to live into one of Jesus’ most powerful understandings of his own purpose and method: A changed world comes from changed actions; changed actions come from changed people.

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