238th Diocesan Convention—Financials, Statistics, Reports

238th Diocesan Convention







Documents and Reports

Reports will be uploaded and linked as they are received.


Document 1: Agenda Document 22: Companion Diocese Report
Document 1A: Consent Calendar Document 23: Committee on the Diaconate
Document 2: Rules of Order 2022 Document 24: Anti-Racism Commission
Document 3: Standing Committee on Constitution and Canons Document 25: Loan and Grant Report
Document 4: Preliminary Report of the Committee on Resolutions Document 26: Celebratory Greetings
Document 5: Diocesan Council Report Document 27: Archivist Report
Document 6: Standing Committee Report Document 28: Historiographer’s Report
Document 7: Standing Commission on Clerical Compensation Document 29: Treasurer’s Report
Document 8: Commission on Black Ministry Document 30: Bishop’s Parochial Visits
Document 9: Sabbatical Fund Committee Document 31: Bishop’s Journal
Document 10: Dean of the Cathedral’s Report Document 32: Bishop’s Appointments
Document 11: Jubilee Ministries Report Document 33: 2022 General Convention and Provincial Synod Report
Document 12: Benefits Committee Report Document 34: LGBTQ Commission Report
Document 13: Canonical List of Churches Document 35: 2022 Hispanic Commission
Document 14: Canonical Clergy in the Diocese of New Jersey Document 36: Lifelong Christian Formation Committee
Document 15: Missioner for Hispanic Ministries Document 37: 2022 RRR Task Force Report
Document 16: Nominating Committee Report Document 38: School for Ministry Report
Document 17: Animal Welfare Ministry Report Document 39: Project Resource Report
Document 18: Discerning Our Common Call Report
Document 19: Reparations Task Force Report
Document 20: Final Report of the Committee on Resolutions
Document 21: Classification of Congregations Report