238th Diocesan Convention

238th Diocesan Convention

Diocesan Convention is a time when clergy and representatives from around our diocese gather to share in the polity of the Church, upholding the common mission and ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. All are welcome to join us as we worship together, conduct business, and listen to presentations.

Updated as of January 7, 2022: The 238th Diocesan Convention will be a one-day Virtual only meeting on March 5, 2022. 

All attendees will  take part virtually.  Attendees with vote and/or voice will attend via Zoom. All others may view the proceedings on the Diocesan YouTube channel.

All voting for candidates, resolutions and the Budgets will be performed electronically.

Note: Voting members refers to canonical clergy and elected lay deputies eligible to vote. Non-voting participants refers to licensed clergy, alternates, and guests.



All clergy and deputies are invited to attend one or more of the pre-convention hearings to learn more about the budget, resolutions, and canons being presented at convention. Information and registration can be found through the link under Resources to the right on this page.


REMINDER – Deputy Certification Form Canonical Requirement:

Please fax or mail all names of deputies and alternates to Diocesan House on the form titled “Lay Deputy Certification.” The deadline is January 15, 2022 or within three days of your annual meeting. If your deputies and alternates are not on our certified master list, they will not be issued voting credentials. Please remember to call or email Diocesan House with any changes after submitting names. The form can be found under Resources to the right on this page.


Convention materials,  including Agenda, Rules of Order, Budget, Constitution and Canons, Resolutions, Nominating Committee Report, Worship Booklet, and other reports will be posted through links on this page as they become available.


Convention coordinator: Ann Notte – 609-394-5281, ext. 41 or

Registration questions: Mary Anne Clisham – 609-394-5281, ext. 10 or


Important Dates and Deadlines

December 31, 2021 – Requested date for nominations to Nominating Committee

January – Submit Deputy Certification Form within three days after Annual Parish Meeting

January 15, 2022 – Deadline for resolutions to be considered by convention

January 19, 2022 – Deadline for nominations to Secretary of Convention

February 14 at 3pm – Pre-convention hearing via Zoom

February 19 at 11am – Pre-convention hearing via Zoom

February 20, 2022 – Registration Deadline

February 21 at 7pm – Pre-convention hearing via Zoom

February 22 at 7pm – Pre-convention hearing via Zoom

February 26 at 11am – Resolutions Committee Meeting via Zoom

March 5, 2022 – 238th Convention via Zoom and YouTube