November 14, 2020‚ÄĒOnline

¬†Mark your calendar for our “Virtual” Convention

Because of the unprecedented pandemic, the Annual Diocesan Convention scheduled for March 7, 2020 was postponed until November 14, 2020. This convention in November will be a virtual convention and will cover only the business portions of the meeting along with voting for the various offices. All deputies and alternates that were elected for the March 7 convention are expected to serve at the November 14 virtual convention. Clear, concise instructions for your participation will be provided. We hope that you will arrange to join us at this virtual convention. 

Registration and login information for November 14 will be available soon. Please watch for all communications coming from the Diocesan Office.  

The Diocesan Office will issue refunds to those who have registered for the March 7, 2020 convention. If you do not receive your refund by July 10, please email or 

Call for Nominations for Diocesan Convention 

Since the annual Diocesan Convention was postponed from March 7 to November 14, this reopens the ability to submit nominations¬†for¬†persons to be elected at the Convention. Diocesan Canon 5, Section 4 provides that the Nominating Committee can accept nominations up to January 1, but following that date additional¬†nominations¬†may¬†be¬†submitted¬†to¬†the¬†Secretary¬†of¬†Convention¬†“no¬†later than 45 days before the meeting of the Convention.” The rescheduling thus extends the nominations window to September 30, 2020.

Please let us know….
      1.  If an alternate is taking a deputy’s place at convention.  
          (Contact Mary Anne Clisham at
  1.  If you are a voting member with difficulties in technology and will be unable to login to the convention Zoom meeting. (Contact Mary Anne Clisham at