Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey:


Persons Repelled from the Holy Communion

SECTION 1. When the minister repels a person from the Holy Communion, the minister shall give to the person so repelled a previous written notice of the fact and cause of the repulsion, and also of the person’s right to make an appeal to the Bishop.

SECTION 2. If the person thus repelled from the Holy Communion appeals to the Bishop, and is not restored by the Bishop, the Bishop may, and if the person repelled demands it, shall appoint one Presbyter and two lay persons, who shall make inquiry into the truth of the facts alleged, and shall report thereof, with their opinion thereon, to the Bishop, who may or may not restore the person as the Bishop may deem proper.

SECTION 3. If no appeal be made, or the Commission of Inquiry sustain the repulsion, and the Bishop approve the action of the minister, the Bishop shall give a written or printed affirmation of the repulsion to the minister, and also to the person who has been repelled, and to the Rector of every Parish in the Diocese; and in like manner, if the Bishop restore the person, the Bishop shall give notice of the same in writing to the minister, the person restored, and to the Rector of every Parish in the Diocese.


Dissolution of the Pastoral Relation

SECTION 1. Proceedings to terminate the tenure of a Rector of a parish other than by the mutual consent of the Rector and the Vestry shall be governed by the procedures set forth in Canon III.9.13 of The Episcopal Church, as modified by the provisions of this Canon.

SECTION 2. A determination by a Vestry to give the notice required under the first sentence of Canon III.9.13(b) is not an action relating to or affecting the personal or exclusive rights of the Rector and such determination can be made at a duly called meeting of the Vestry whether or not the Rector is present.

SECTION 3. If the Vestry fails to comply with the terms of a judgment as provided in Canon III.9.13(e)(2), this will be a violation of the Discipline of The Episcopal Church that can be grounds for reclassification as an Incorporated Mission under Canon 53.


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