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An update from the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is now working on a report to be presented to the Special Convention on October 7, and may also develop recommendations from this discernment work as resolutions for Convention to act upon.

Thank you to all who have participated in one or more of the elements of Discerning Our Common Call to date: the Bishop’s Forums over the summer, and the Days of Discernment, and charrettes in September. Your contributions are essential to this work of discernment, and to shaping our conversation at the Special Convention on October 7.

A letter from Bishop Stokes, and the report on what we learned from the forums can be found here.

Through our conversations at the two Days of Discernment, a number of shared core values emerged clearly. The key values directing our work as we move forward in this process are:


Using the Baptismal Covenant, the Five Anglican Marks of Mission and the Catechism’s understanding of the Mission of the Church as our starting point at each day of discernment, the meta-values of “Jesus” and “Faith” emerged overwhelmingly the strongest, affirming our commitment to these foundational principles from which the rest of the core values enumerated below flowed.


Although the top two or three values differed between the lay and clergy days of discernment, there were significant areas of convergence between the full lists of values. The seven values listed here includes the top five of those convergent values, and the values from the top three of either day that were not included in the convergent list. The Steering Committee feels that these are a good representation of the conversations we had at both days. Read More.


At four Charrettes held throughout the diocese, participants engaged in brainstorming about the activities that support these core values, prioritized a number of diocesan activities, and considered resources outside the diocesan budget that could support our common life and values.

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 We will continue the work of discernment at Convention, rooted in Scripture through “Dwelling in the Word,” and continuing the conversation. After Convention, the report and final resolutions will immediately be given to the Finance and Budget Committee for their work on the 2018 Budget, that, once approved by Diocesan Council, will be presented to the regular Diocesan Convention in March 2018.

*A charrette is a meeting in which all stakeholders in a project attempt to resolve conflicts and map out solutions.